Free Story Friday!!!!!-Insomnia Cure

Well here we are Friday again…thank goodness I was sooooo done with this week. 🙂 I hope all of you out there have a truly fabulous weekend! Happy Reading! Morganna

Insomnia Cure

Courtney walked into the smoke filled room scanning for a good candidate. She’d been suffering from insomnia for a month and it had to come to an end. When here friends first suggested all she needed was a man, she’d laughed it off but now she was desperate. She needed a good nights sleep so here she was.

In the Lazy H Saloon, the seedy country western dive a few miles from her house. She frowned as she studied the clientele…nope…big nope…eeeeewwwww not if it had been a year since she slept!

Then her eyes touched on a group of men playing pool. All of them filled out their wranglers nicely and had big broad shoulders. Now here were some possibilities.

Courtney grabbed a beer from the bar and a quick shot of tequila for added bravery and sauntered over to the pool table. She leaned a hip against the table in what she hoped was a seductive pose.

The men all gave her a funny look and kept on playing. Courtney frowned and leaned back over the table.

“S’cuse me darlin…”

“Yes?” Courtney blinked hopefully up at the handsome cowboy. He was gorgeous, black hair and green eyes, you would have thought she’d custom ordered.

“You’re blockin my shot.”

“Oh,” Courtney moved away from the table with a deflated pout.

With a little stomp of her foot she went for another shot of tequila, then returned to the pool table. Obviously drastic measures were needed.

This time she sat on the pool table.

“Ma’am we’re in the middle of a game here,” this time it was the blond cowboy that spoke.

“Well…can I play?”

“No Ma’am we’re in a tournament.”

“Oh,” Courtney sat there in a bit of dejected slump. She was at a loss. Nothing was going according to plan. These men were supposed to be good time boys out for a party.

It was really very disappointing.

A hand firmly taking hold of her upper arm startled her back into awareness. It was the handsome one that made her move the first time.

“Darlin…you really need to go play somewhere else,” he said as he practically lifted her from the table set her on her feet pointed away from the pool table delivering a swat to the seat of her short man-catcher skirt to hurry her on her way.

“Ooowww!” Courtney wailed rubbing the offended area as she made her way back to the bar.

For some reason the man sitting at the bar looked much better than he had when she’d first arrived he turned and smiled at her.

“Hello little lady. Can I buy you a drink?”

Oh he was much nicer than the brute by the pool table, “Yes thank you.”

The black haired cowboy watched the cute little blond from his position by the pool table with a concerned frown. She was about to land herself in a heap of trouble if he didn’t miss his guess. He’d known from the moment she walked in that she didn’t belong in a place like this. She’d been very unsure of herself till she’d started shooting back tequila.

He’d hoped to keep her out of trouble by sending her away from the pool game but she’d just found trouble of a worse sort. As he thought of the lost look in her big blue eyes when her rather clumsy attempts at vamping had failed he came to a decision. Excusing himself from the tournament he went to the rescue.

Courtney was raising another shot glass to her lips when a hand reached over and plucked it from her grasp.


“You’ve had more than enough of that young lady. I think it’s time I took you home.”

Courtney blinked up at him in confusion, “You told me to go away.”

“You had your chance mister. Now the little lady is with me,” the man who’d introduced himself as Bubba interjected from his precarious perch on the stool next to Courtney.

“The lady is with me and has been from the moment she walked in the door. She’s just a little miffed because I was playing pool and she felt neglected.”

“But…hey…that’s not how…,” Courtney’s fuzzy brain tried to make sense of the situation but couldn’t seem to work its way around it.

“Come on honey. It’s time to go home,” The big cowboy took her by the arm and pulled her up from the stool.

Courtney swayed on her feet and looked uneasily up at him. “I feel funny…,” she said softly before falling swiftly to one side.

He quickly swept her limp body into his arms. She was out cold. He wondered how many shots of tequila she’d had. Stupid little fool! It was a lucky thing it was he and not some other randy cowboy that happened along when she did.

Shaking his head he carried her out to his truck.


Courtney woke to a pounding in her head and a roll in her stomach. She groaned and sat up in bed then realized it wasn’t her bed. She gasped in horror as she took in the very masculine décor of the room. What on earth had she done? Looking down she noticed with puzzlement she still had on all of her clothes.

Frowning she rose gingerly from the bed and looked around for the bathroom. Her stomach was rolling and she had a feeling she was about to need it badly. A tall dark haired man appeared in the doorway, after taking a quick look at her he jerked his head toward a door on the right.

“Through there.”

Politeness forgotten, she dashed through the door just in time. She was surprised when strong hands came to support her and hold her hair but was too busy to give much protest.

When she was finished he handed her a cup of cool water and a cold wet rag. She rinsed her mouth.

“Thank you. You’re very kind.”


“If you’ll let me borrow the phone, I’ll call a cab for a ride back to my car and get out of your hair,” Courtney told him in a polite little voice, avoiding eye contact. This had to be one of the most embarrassing moments of her life. He’d just held her head while she threw up and she didn’t even know his name!

“I don’t think so,” he said before turning and walking from the room.

“Wait….what do you mean…I’m ready to go home!” She cried as she followed him into a brightly-lit kitchen.

He pulled a carton of eggs from the fridge and set them by the pan on the stove before turning to address her, “You aren’t in any shape to be driving just yet and…I feel under the circumstances I deserve and explanation for your behavior.”

“What do you mean my behavior?”

“The little vamp act at the bar last night.”

She fidgeted a little nervously, “I…I do that all the time. Keeps life interesting.”

“Do you now? Somehow it didn’t seem to be your regular scene.”

A flush stole up her cheeks. “Well it is. I pick men up all the time!” A defiant tone crept into her voice. Then she cringed, had she really just said that?

“I don’t think you do Courtney. In fact I don’t think you’ve ever done anything quite like that before in your life. So I’d like to know what prompted your little trip to the Lazy H.”

The look in his eyes did funny things to her tummy, must have still been a holdover from all that tequila. “How’d you know my name?”

“I looked in your wallet. I thought it might be nice to know the name of the passed out woman I was carting home. I’m Jason by the way.”

“Nice to meet you Jason,” She replied automatically then blushed at the absurdity of it in the current situation.

Jason watched her thoughtfully, pleased that she was so disconcerted at waking up in a strange apartment with a man she didn’t know, “One egg or two.”

“Ewwww…none for me thanks,” The thought of food was repulsive.

“One it is. You’ll feel better with something in your stomach.”

“I said I didn’t want anything.”

“I heard you,” he said as he deposited a plate with and egg and a piece of toast in front of her. Then he handed her a glass of water and some advil and set a cup of coffee down next to her plate, “Eat up.”

Not feeling up to a battle it was beginning to look like she’d lose, Courtney complied. Taking the advil and drinking the water before sulkily picking up her fork.

To her surprise by the time she finished what was on her plate she did indeed feel better. She smiled at Jason, “Thank you. You were right I do feel better.”

Jason nodded and placed her plate in the dishwasher. When he finished tidying up the kitchen he turned and took her arm, urging her off the stool and into the living room. “Now that you’re feeling better I think it’s time we discussed last night’s little adventure.”

“It’s really not any of your business,” she informed him primly from her seat on the couch.

“Let’s just say I’m making it my business,” he said in a tone that brooked no argument.

Courtney studied his implacable features and then sighed. It wasn’t like this situation could get any more embarrassing than it already was so she decided to give in so she could go home. “Well…I’ve been having trouble sleeping at night. It’s been over a month since I had a decent night’s sleep. It started kind of as a joke at work that I just needed a man. Then yesterday a friend and I were talking and I decided to give it a try. I mean what could it hurt? It might have even cured my insomnia.”

“What could it hurt? Do you have any idea what kind of trouble you could have ended up in? You could have ended up raped or worse! You didn’t have any idea where you were waking up this morning did you?”

Courtney flushed deeply and looked at the floor.

“Did you?”

“No! There! Are you happy? I admit I’m an idiot! Can I go home now?”

Jason sat watching her for a minute, “I’ll take you to your car and follow you to make sure you get home okay.”

“Thank you.”

“Will you promise me you won’t do anything like this again?”

She glared at him with a mutinous expression. It wasn’t any of his business what she did or didn’t do!

Jason sighed and gave in to the inevitable, “Let’s go.”

Once she was safely home Jason got out and walked her to her door, “If you’re still interested I’ll be by tonight at ten with your cure for insomnia.”

Courtney blushed as her body quickened at his words. He was so handsome. She took a deep breath and faced him bravely, “Okay.”

He simply nodded before getting back in his truck and driving away.


The doorbell rang at ten on the dot. Courtney fidgeted with the belt on her robe a minute before answering the door.

“You shouldn’t open the door without finding out who it is.”

She frowned up at him, “Must you always lecture?”

“Only if you continue to do foolish things,” Jason said walking past her into the living room. “Shut the door young lady. Let’s get this over with.”

Courtney gasped, shocked at his crudity, “I think I’ve changed my mind.”

“I haven’t,” Jason said matter of factly taking her hand and leading her to the couch.

To her great surprise instead of pulling her down into his arms he jerked her face down across his lap.

“What are you doing?”

“Delivering the naughty girls cure for insomnia,” he explained as he flipped the back of her robe up and jerked her silky panties to her knees.

“You can’t do this! This isn’t what I wanted!”

“Too bad, it’s exactly what you need.”

Jason studied the alabaster skin of her rounded bottom thinking how good it would look with color. He brought his palm down across her upturned cheeks with a resounding smack.


“I meant for it too,” his hand began to fall in a relentless rhythm on her rapidly reddening posterior.

Soon the only sounds in the rooms were of flesh hitting flesh and Courtney’s whimpering sobs. Jason spanked until all of the fight left her and she hung limply across his lap, quietly crying. Her bottom was a glorious shade of crimson; he took a moment to admire his handiwork as she calmed.

Then he flipped her in his arms and scooped her close to his chest rocking her as she cried, “Now I want your promise that you will never do anything so foolish again.”

Courtney sniffed and hiccuped against his chest, “I promise. I won’t.”

“Good girl,” he said rubbing her back.

As he sat and held her Courtney felt her eyes begin to get heavy. She yawned and snuggled more deeply into him.

Jason smiled and stood with her in his arms, “Which way is your bedroom.”

Courtney opened one eye and pointed before closing it again.

Jason lay her gently on the bed and pulled the covers up over her, watching with a smile as she burrowed in. He leaned down and kissed her forehead, “Since we have that out of the way, how bout I pick you up for breakfast in the morning about nine?”

“Okay,” she mumbled sleepily into her pillow.

“Sleep tight,” he said turning to leave.


He turned to see her sitting up in bed smiling at him, “Yes?”

“Thank you.”

Jason watched as she snuggled back in then turned out the light, “Anytime.”


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