Free Story Friday! (Almost)-The Bronc Rider

Well here we are and its Free Story Friday again. Today I’ve decided on The Bronc Rider its a sweet spanking short I hope you will enjoy! Happy Reading!


The Bronc Rider

Missy watched the cowboy ride the bucking bronc with her heart in her throat. A hush went over the crowd as the rider neared the eight-second mark. He looked as if he were an extension of the wild horse, his big body bucking and swaying in unison to every move the angry animal made.

When the buzzer sounded the crowd roared. Missy licked suddenly dry lips as he carefully lifted his leg over the still bucking stallion while holding on with one hand and then jumped off with seemingly no effort. After his smooth landing the rodeo clowns came in to drive the kicking horse away from the rider. The cowboy took off his hat and gave a sweeping bow to the audience before exiting the arena.

Tucker Radison was the best bronc rider in the whole state of Texas. He was a crowd favorite, with his tall dark good looks and friendly grin and Missy Malone had been in love with him since the eighth grade.

She and Tucker had grown up next door to each other. She’d followed him around like a lost puppy and he’d treated her like the kid sister he’d never had.

Missy had waited in vain for him to notice she wasn’t the same pig tailed little girl anymore, but she’d given up hope. It was time to move on, but every time she saw him a flush stole across her cheeks and her heart started beating like it was racing against the wind.

“Come on Missy, let’s go congratulate Tucker,” Jack Littleton said as he grabbed her hand to drag her along.

“No Jack, you go. I think I’ll find the ladies room.”

“Missy I need you with me. I want Tucker to endorse my new line of western wear and I need your connection to get in with him.”

“I don’t have a connection with Tucker,” Missy said a little desperately. She didn’t want to see Tucker again; it was too hard to fight off those old feelings.

“Sure you do Doll. You grew up next door to the man didn’t you?”

“That was a long time ago.”

“Don’t be silly. Come on this is my future I’m talking about. Possibly yours too if you play your cards right,” he said with a grin that up until that very moment she’d found charming.

“Fine,” Missy reluctantly allowed herself to be led to where Tucker stood signing autographs.

Tucker looked up as she and Jack approached, she could tell the moment he recognized her by the big grin that spread across his face, but then his welcoming smile was replaced with a frown as he glared down at the proprietal hand on her arm.

“Hello Tucker.”

“Missy,” he nodded at her then looked pointedly at Jack. “Who’s your friend?”

“Jack Littleton,” Jack said stepping forward and shaking Tucker’s hand with enthusiasm.

Tucker shook Jack’s hand then turned his back on him to frown down at Missy, “Does your Mama know you’re out in public in your underwear?”

Missy gasped, then straightened to meet him glare for glare. The cropped halter style top paired with tight jeans was perfectly presentable, “I’m a grown woman Tucker, and no one tells me what to wear.”

“Someone needs to.”

“What’s wrong with my clothing?”

“It’s too … too … well look at yourself!”

Missy looked down to where her full breasts plumped in the deep scoop neck of the halter, “I look the same as at least twenty other women standing around here.”

“No you don’t and you aren’t any of those other women.”

“How am I different Tucker?” she asked with her heart in her throat. Both of them had forgotten Jack’s presence.

He chose that exact moment to remind them by wrapping his arm tightly around her from the back and pulling her tight against his chest. The arm beneath her breasts pushing them further up into the neckline of the top, “She sure isn’t like the rest of the fillies out here is she Tucker? Missy is a whole lot of woman if you know what I mean.”

Missy’s face turned bright red in embarrassed horror; Jack had just implied a relationship that they didn’t have. This was only their second date. What would Tucker think of her? She wanted him to realize she was grown, not think she’d become a slut.

She tugged at the arm across her body, “Please let me go.”

“What’s the matter Baby Doll? You don’t want Tucker to know you’re my lady?”

Tears began to fill her eyes, “You’re being an ass, let me go.”

If she’d looked at Tucker she’d have been shocked to see the level of rage evident in his expression, “Let the lady go Littleton.”

Jack flung Missy behind him and faced Tucker with a belligerent stance. Obviously he’d forgotten all about getting Tucker to endorse his new line of western wear.

“The lady came here with me cowboy and she’ll be going home with me.”

“The hell she will. Missy go on to my truck while I have a chat with your friend.”

Missy glared at them both, “I’ll do no such thing Tucker Radison! You’ve no right to tell me what to do or who to do it with!”

Jack grinned at Tucker tauntingly but before he could say anything else, she rounded on him.

“I don’t ever want to see you again Jack Littleton, you are a disrespectful asshole.”

They both gaped at her retreating back as she walked away from the arena and towards the parking lot.

Jack recovered first, “Good riddance. I was about tired of the little slut anyway.”

Tucker responded by planting his fist into the other man’s smirking face. Jack still hadn’t gotten up when the handsome bronc rider left to find Missy.

He found her at the back of the lot where all the rodeoers kept their stock trailers. She stood looking small and dejected leaning up against an old oak tree.


“Go away Tucker. I don’t know that I ever want to see you again either.”

“Too bad, I plan for you to be seeing a lot of me.”

Missy straightened from the tree with fire in her eyes, “So out of the blue you just decide you want me cause you saw me with someone else and I’m supposed to thank my lucky stars? It doesn’t work that way you …you … you dime store cowboy!”

He held out his hands in a gesture of peace, “Hold on Honey. I just …”

“No I won’t hold on! I’ve held on since I was fourteen, I WILL NOT hold on anymore you Jackass!” warming to her topic she poked a finger in his chest hard. “It’s too late do you hear me? I’ve moved on! I’ve gotten on with my life! I’m happy dammit!”

“Missy you need to calm down. I’m sorry if the way I handled Littleton upset you but I couldn’t let him put his hands on you or talk to you like that.”

“Jack wasn’t yours to handle! I’M not yours to handle! Goodbye!”

She’d gotten about fifteen yards when the rope landed over her head and tightened around her mid-section. Missy struggled to get loose from the rope but it just got tighter as she pulled and Tucker began to reel her in.

“You let me go this instant Tucker Radison!”

“I don’t think so darlin’, I caught you fair and square and I aim to keep you.”

“You god damn well aren’t going to keep me!”

“I think the first thing we’re going to have to do is have a talk about your language young lady,” Tucker said as he took hold of her shoulders as she came back into range.

That made her struggle anew, “Don’t you young lady me you Bastard! I will do and say as I please and there is nothing you can do to … heeey!”

Missy yelled as he suddenly went down on one knee and she found herself face down across the other one. His big hand landed six times fast and hard on the seat of her tight jeans.

“That will be about enough of that young lady. I understand that you’re upset but you are way out of control.”

“Stop it!”

Tucker sighed and began to pepper her bottom in earnest not stopping until her all the fight went out of her and she hung limply over his knee making little sniffling sounds.

He lifted her gently off his knee and pulled her into his chest as he sat back against the old oak, “Don’t cry Baby. Everything’s going to be all right. You’ll see.”

Missy snuggled into him suddenly feeling more at home than she had in years, “I can’t believe you spanked me.”

“You’d best be thankful we were in public little girl, give me cause to do it again and next time I’ll pull down those tight jeans and panties and paddle your bare bottom rosy red,” Tucker informed her sternly.

Missy gasp as she felt her heart rate speed up and a little flood of wet heat between her thighs. She quickly buried her hot face in his chest trying to hide her reaction to his words. Why would she react like that to such a ridiculous threat? Of course given the stern look on his face when he’d said it there wasn’t a doubt in Missy’s mind he’d meant what he said.

She suppressed a little shiver as he lifted her face with two long fingers, “Why did you try to run away from me?”

“I was so embarrassed and confused,” Missy admitted.

“Why were you with a guy like that to begin with?”

“I didn’t know he was like that, it was only our second date,” she said honestly.

“Well it was certainly your last,” he said firmly.

Missy bristled again and leaned a little away so she could glare up at him.

“Don’t glare at me like that squirt. It was your last date with Mr. Littleton; from now on you’re with me.”

Intense brown eyes met fiery green, “What makes you think I want to be with you?”

“This,” Tucker gently cupped her face in his hands before leaning in to take her lips with his own. The kiss sizzled all the way to her toes and Missy decided to stop fighting. This was where she belonged and she’d always known it.

In the arms of the bronc-riding cowboy that had lassoed her heart in the eighth grade.

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