Free Story Friday-The Onstar Man

I know I’ve flooded you with stories this week. I promise next week I’ll only post a story on Free Story Friday. 🙂 This is just a short funny I hope will make you smile. Have a great day and Happy reading! Morganna

The OnStar Man

“OnStar this is Brad.”

“Oh hi Brad. I’m Tiffany, how are you today? Isn’t it gorgeous outside?”

“How can I help you Ma’am?”

“Help me?”

“Yes, what is your problem and how can I assist you?”

“I don’t really have a problem.”

“You pushed the OnStar button.”

“Oh that. Well I just got my new car and I was trying out all the gadgets. It’s such a cute car, a little cavalier sport with a sun roof, and it’s ORANGE!”

“I’m glad you’re enjoying your new car Ma’am but you really shouldn’t push the OnStar button unless you need something.”

“I know help is but a touch of a finger tip away. Isn’t technology cool?”

“I need to get off the line now Tiffany. I have to keep it free for people that might need assistance.”

“Oh okay…thank you Brad …byeeeee!”

Brad chuckled to himself as he disconnected the line. Miss Tiffany was certainly a hoot. He could almost the picture the smile that went with the bubbly enthusiasm and warmth in her voice. Too bad he’d never get the chance to find out if the rest of her was as good as that voice.


“OnStar this is Brad.”

“Hi Brad! It’s Tiffany again. I was just wondering … are you single?”

“This is an on-line service to help stranded and lost motorists Ma’am, not a dating service.”

“OOOOOH you sounded so firm when you said that.”

“Goodbye Tiffany.”

Brad shook his head as he pulled up Tiffany of the orange cavalier’s vitals. The lady certainly needed something but it wasn’t gas or a tire change.

Tiffany Mathews
101 Cherrywood Lane
Ft. Worth, Tx. 76114

Age 29
Hair: blond
Eyes: green
Height: 5’ 3”

They actually lived in the same town. OnStar calls came in from all over the country, what were the odds he’d get a nutty blond that lived in his neighborhood?


“OnStar this is Brad.”

“Hi Brad, I was uh … I was lost … can you tell me where third street is in Ft Worth I seem to have lost it.”

Brad immediately pulled Tiffany’s little cavalier up on the tracking screen, “You just turned onto Third.”

“Oh silly me I sure did. Byeeee! … Seeee? Doesn’t he have the most gorgeously sexy voice you’ve ever heard?”

Brad heard a chorus of feminine agreement in the background, “I’m still on the line Ladies.” His words brought a flurry of embarrassed giggles.

“Oh how embarrassing. Bye Brad.”

From the slamming doors Brad surmised that they’d exited the vehicle. Tiffany Mathews was the most exasperating female he’d ever run across; amazing how just the sound of her voice made his palm itch.


“OnStar this is Sheila.”

“Sheila? Where’s Brad?”

“Brad’s off today Ma’am. What’s your emergency?”

“I’ll wait. Just tell Brad that Tiffany called. Thanks.”

“Ma’am … Tiffany do you need assistance?”

“Yes but I’ll wait till next time Brad is on duty. Byeee.”


Brad smiled at his co-worker Sheila as he sat down in his cubicle and put on his headset. Sheila grinned hugely and batted her eyelashes at him.

“Hi Brad … I have a message for you,” she said in a very breathy voice.

“Yes?” he laughed.

“Tiffany wanted me to tell you she called. She said she’d save her emergency until you were back at work.”

“She did what? Good lord that woman is going to get me fired!”

“Don’t worry I didn’t tell anyone else. Your secret is safe with me.”

The next crazy call didn’t come until ten minutes before the end of Brad’s shift.

“OnStar this is Brad.”

“Oh Brad I’m sooo glad you’re back. I missed you.”

“You had better have an emergency young lady.”

“I do…I do… I ran out of gas. You said I had to need something if I called, so I do.”

“Are you really out of gas?”

“Uh-huh … do you know how far past the red you have to go to actually run out. I feel like I drove in circles for hours.”

“You ran out of gas deliberately?” he asked incredulously.

“Well it sounds so bad when you say it like that.”

“It IS bad.”

“You don’t want to help me?” the bubbles in her voice were replaced with a sad little wobble.

Brad sighed wearily and pulled her location up on his screen. When it came up he had to bite back a curse. Little miss trouble was in the worst part of town possible and it was nearing sundown. He looked at the clock his shift was over and she was about five miles from the office.

“Sit tight Tiffany and stay in the car. I’m going to make sure you get exactly what you need.”


Tiffany blinked as the connection abruptly ended. She looked nervously around at the old warehouse buildings surrounding her little cavalier. This hadn’t been the best neighborhood for her gas tank to finally give up the ghost.

A tall man in a baggy torn suit walked past her to look inside the trash can next to her car. Tiffany hunched down a little in her seat as if she could hide from view. Luckily the man had no interest what so ever in her only in the trashcan, after he found nothing appealing he moved on down the street.

A green jeep pulled up behind her and Tiffany jumped out of the car to greet who ever her rescuer was.

“Hi I’m so glad to see you. I’m out of gas. Brad said help was on the way but I have to admit I was starting to get a little nervous.”

The man frowned at her in disgust, “So you thought you’d jump out of your car to say hi before you found out if I was an ax-murderer?”

Tiffany would have known that sexy voice anywhere! “Brad!”

Brad braced himself as she threw her arms around him.

“Thank you so much for coming.”

“Let me put some gas in your car and then you and I are going to have a little talk.”

Tiffany nodded with a big smile. He was as cute as he sounded, even cuter! Brad was tall with broad shoulders and had black hair and dark brown eyes. The look in his eyes sent shock waves all the way down to her toes.

Brad made short work of putting the much-needed gas into her car before turning back to the maddening, frustrating and completely adorable little blond.

“Come with me please.”

She smiled and put her hand trustingly in his. Brad led her to the back of his jeep where he let down his tailgate.

Tiffany gasped with shock when instead of helping her to sit on it he tossed her face down across it.

“What are you doing?”

“Giving you exactly what you need young lady; a good hard spanking.”

“But …hey nooo,” she grabbed frantically as her skirt was tossed up over her back and her panties were jerked to her knees. The battle was short lived. The OnStar man won.

His hand came down on top of her creamy white backside with a resounding slap.


“Don’t you ever push that button again unless it’s an emergency; OnStar IS NOT a dating service nor is it devised for your amusement. You could have cost me my job with your antics. Don’t you ever do something so foolish as to run out of gas again! …Dangerous! …Foolhardy! …Silly …childish … games!”

Brad’s hand connected again and again throughout the lecture; then his hand began to fall even harder on the tender crease where her bottom and thighs met. Making her yelp and cry out over the tailgate. Brad finished with a series of searing swats the brought tears to Tiffany’s bright green eyes.

Then she was hoisted up and pulled tightly into a magnificent chest.

“I’m sorry Brad. I never thought about the risk to your job.”

“You didn’t think at all young lady.”

Tiffany sniffed miserably, “You’re right, I didn’t. Can you forgive me?”

Brad smiled and kissed her gently on the top of the head before helping her to right her clothing. “Yes. Just behave yourself from now on.”

He escorted her to the bright orange cavalier and then watched her drive away. Damn! He should have gotten her phone number while he had the chance! Maybe just this once he could get it from the data bank at work. No he couldn’t … if he got caught it would mean his job. He would just have to pray he ran into her again one day.


The next day Tiffany shifted in her seat while at a red light and gasped. That OnStar man had sure lit a fire in her behind!

She sighed; he’d lit a fire in other areas too. Looking longingly up at the little blue button next to her rearview mirror she frowned. What if she never saw him again? What if he was THE ONE and they would never have another chance to connect?

That was an emergency right?


With a little smile Tiffany pushed the little blue button.

“OnStar this is Brad.”


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