Free Story Friday-The Tale of the Reluctant Thigh High

Happy Friday everyone! Be sure to watch out my blog on St. Patrick’s day next Tuesday for a special free story. Also my new book His Girl, His Rules came out yesterday so I hope you check it out! Happy Reading and have a fabulous Friday!

The Tale of the Reluctant Thigh High

I was so excited; the chance to substitute at the exclusive Hinnniman School was more than I had expected. I knew many substitutes ended up with permanent positions with the school and the pay was out of this world.

I wanted to make the best impression possible so I chose my wardrobe carefully. I decided on a pencil slim black skirt that fell to just above my ankles and my fuzzy cowl necked purple sweater. I frowned as I dug through the drawer in which I keep my hosiery. All I had was a pair of black thigh highs that had been worn several times. I studied the elastic band at the top of them critically; well they would have to do as I was running late. I quickly finished dressing and hurried out the door.

The school was huge. It took me an age to find the office; I was relieved to find upon talking with the secretary that the teacher I was filling in for didn’t have a class first period. The secretary smiled handing me the substitute badge and directions to Ms. Carter’s room.

“It’s on the second floor, there are some steps over there and the classrooms are against that back wall,” she said pointing me in the right direction.

I climbed the stairs noticing that something about the thigh high on my right leg didn’t feel quite right. I decided that I would pop into a bathroom and check it once I found my room. I was walking down the hall studying room numbers when the unthinkable happened.

My right thigh high suddenly fell completely down around my ankle! I gasped and looked all around. So far no one seemed to be noticing my predicament. I looked down hoping that it wouldn’t look as bad as it felt. No such luck, it had settled into a silky pool around my shoe.

I hurried along the hallways trying hard to fade into the background, praying no one looked in the vicinity of my feet. I finally stopped when I found a little corner between the lockers and a wall. I looked around; no one seemed to be coming. I quickly pulled the thigh high from my foot; unfortunately my shoe came with it, as the stocking seemed to have become tangled around it. I heard someone coming and crushed the shoe and stocking to my chest doing my best to appear nonchalant as I stood there in one heel and one bare foot. I smiled as the kids walked past in their spiffy uniforms.

As soon as they had passed I began trying to disentangle my shoe from the reluctant hosiery. I had it stretched out hanging from the shoe trying to figure out where it was caught when I heard a horrified gasp. I jumped and looked up into the eyes of a distinguished looking gentleman.

I felt my face flame as his shocked expression transformed into a fierce glare. “Young lady, we DO NOT strip in the halls.”

Strip? “But I wasn’t! You see my shoe got hung in the hose and I was trying to get it loose,” mortified I tried to explain.

The man’s eyes went from one well-shod foot to the other embarrassingly bare one, I felt like my scarlet red toes were winking like a beacon at him. I sighed and tried to tuck my bare foot beneath the other. Then he looked back at the mangled piece of hosiery and shoe in my hands and his mouth firmed once again.

“I believe we will finish this discussion in my office,” he informed me as he took a strong hold on my elbow and marched me down the hall.

Having one heel on and the other off, my march was decidedly lop-sided. Unfortunately that didn’t seem to slow him down any. Before I knew it I was ensconced in the chair across from the headmaster’s desk. Great first impression I thought with a sigh.

Hoping to save face a little I began babbling to him about the events of the morning. At least he would know how I had gotten to be where I was shoe and stocking in hand.

The headmaster stood after listening to my tale. “Young lady you if you would present a more prepared attitude about life such things wouldn’t happen. I am going to help you in that regard. You may now prepare to take the consequences of partially undressing in my hallway.”

I think it was at this point that I aspirated my gum. Consequences? “What do you mean sir?”

“Take the position across the desk,” he instructed me.

Take the position! He couldn’t be serious! “You can’t be serious sir! I’m a teacher not a student! Well at least I’m a substitute teacher,” I said holding up my nifty badge.

“Young lady if you’ve any desire to teach or substitute in this institution or any other again I suggest you do as I’ve instructed,” he said firmly.

I felt tears gathering behind my eyes as I realized I had no real choice if I wanted a chance to teach at this school or any other for that matter. I rose from my chair with as much dignity as I could manage and lowered myself across his desk.

I was surprised when he pulled me up. Maybe he wasn’t serious after all.

All my hopes of a big joke on me went out the window when he jerked my skirt up around my waist and pushed me back across the desk. Oh my god! I thought terribly embarrassed by having my panties on display. I nearly died when I felt his fingers hook in the top of said panties. He couldn’t!

“Wait you can’t do that!” I cried.

“I find that when dealing with a woman that is supposed to be an adult and beyond such punishments, it’s much more effective if delivered on the bare.” With that my panties were tugged to mid thigh.

I thought things couldn’t possibly get any worse until I saw him pull the paddle from his desk drawer. At the sight of it my bottom cheeks clenched involuntarily.

The headmaster walked back to the side of the desk I was bent across, my bottom raised high for the paddle. I closed my eyes and cringed as I waited for the paddle to fall.

I opened them back up in surprise when he lightly tapped the paddle on my bottom several times. Oh that’s not bad at all I thought.


“Holy Hell!” I yelled shooting up off the desk and grabbing my bottom.

“That’s hardly language befitting a teacher young lady; that earned you two more swats. Back into position, don’t get out of position again,” he said guiding me back across the desk.

I grabbed the other side bracing myself for what was to come. That horrid paddle descended upon my poor backside again and again. I’ve no idea how many times it fell; I was a sobbing mess after the fifth swat so I lost track.

The next thing I knew the headmaster was pulling me up and into a comforting hug. “There, there dear…it’s all over now. My you do carry on,” he said rubbing my back as he comforted me.

I sniffed and wiped my tears away. The heat in my bottom was incredibly intense; I winced as I pulled my panties up over my tender posterior. I went ahead and pulled the other thigh high off and frowned when I realized the shoe that had been on my foot was now gone. I looked questioningly at the headmaster.

“It’s over there,” he said pointing to the far wall with a curious grin. As I walked over and retrieved my shoe from its place against the wall I noticed the picture above it was slightly crooked and straightened it.

I disentangled the other shoe from its silken prison and put both shoes back on my feet where they belonged. Hopefully no one would notice I was going without. Of course it wasn’t like I was staying; the headmaster probably wanted me off the premises as soon as I had myself together.

“You’d better hurry dear or you’ll be late for your first class. I don’t want to have to take you to task for tardiness too,” the headmaster said glancing at his watch.

“You mean I can still substitute today?” I asked.

“Well of course, you took the consequences for your actions and I dare say it won’t happen again. Will it?” he asked giving me a pointed look.

“Oh no sir,” I assured him before hurrying out the door to my class. I paused and looked back at him, “thank you sir.”

He nodded and sat down behind his big desk obviously dismissing me.

I made my way to my classroom; ready to begin my first day. Maybe it would turn into a permanent job.

Ruefully rubbing my tender tush I hoped I didn’t called to the Headmaster’s office again anytime soon.


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    • Thanks Laurel!! I’m so glad you enjoyed todays story and I’m super excited you enjoyed His Girl! I really enjoyed telling Gabriel and Glory’s story! We may hear more from them in the future as side characters. 🙂 Hugs! Morganna


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