Free Story Friday! -Last Dance

Hi All! I know it’s a little early but tomorrom promises to be a very busy day and I wanted to make sure I got this posted. I hope you enjoy it!

Happy Reading!



Bryn took a deep breath before she made her way out on to the stage. She’d chosen her song carefully; wanting to be sure Chase got the message she was trying to send. She’d been such a fool when she’d run from everything he had to offer …run away from herself.

This party at the Sunset Karaoke Club was his going away party. So it was her last chance to let him know how she felt.

Music began to fill the air as she lifted the microphone to her lips.

Her eyes sought and found his in the throng of people sitting in the audience below.

“Last dance
Last dance for love …
Yes it’s my last chance
For romance tonight …

I need you by me
Beside me to guide me
To hold me, to scold me
‘Cause when I’m bad
I’m so, so bad.

So let’s dance the last dance
Let’s dance the last dance
Let’s dance the last dance tonight.

Last dance
Last dance for love
Yes it’s my last chance
For romance tonight.

I need you by me
Beside me, to guide me
To hold me, to scold me
‘Cause when I’m bad
I’m so, so bad.

So let’s dance this last dance
Let’s dance the last dance
Let’s dance this last dance tonight.”

Bryn stepped down off the stage before she started the last of the song’s lyrics and went to stand in front of Chase her eyes never leaving his; the heated look in his eyes seeming to burn through her very soul.

She held her hand out to him and started to sing again…

“I need you by me
Beside me, to guide me
To hold me, to scold me
‘Cause when I’m bad
I’m so, so bad.

So let’s dance this last dance
Let’s dance the last dance
Let’s dance this last dance tonight.”

She stood frozen as the last strands of music fell away, waiting for some sign from him that he’d give her the last chance she’d asked for.

Silence filled the room as the audience waited silently for his response.

He just sat there looking at her.

A lone tear trickled down her left cheek as her shoulders slumped. She’d taken a gamble and lost. Bryn turned away with a deep shuddering breath.

A large warm hand closed over her shoulder halting her progress and turning her back around.

Chase took the microphone from her numbed fingers and handed it to one of the men at his table before pulling her into his arms.

As if on cue music started again and he began to twirl her around the dance floor as the audience cheered.

Bryn snuggled into him as hope soared. He was going to give her another chance.

“Have you really been bad?”

Butterflies sprang to life in her tummy as she looked up to meet his piercing gaze and nodded.

“What did you do that was so bad?”

“I ran away from the man I loved and the way he made me feel.”

“Was the thought of loving me so very scary Bryn?”

“I thought it was …but I found out the thought of not loving you was even scarier.”

Chase nodded and pulled her tight against him as they swayed to the music they could barely hear over the beating of their own hearts.

“God Baby I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you too. I’m so sorry Chase.”

“Shhhh …” he lifted her fingers to his lips and placed gentle kisses on their tips. “Let’s go home, we have things to discuss.”

Bryn followed him from the club without argument. She knew now she’d follow him to the ends of the earth if he asked.

The ride to her apartment was silent; each lost in their own thoughts.

Once inside Bryn found herself hovering nervously by the door, at a loss for what to do next.

Chase turned to her with a stern look. “Come here …”

A deep blush filled her face as she looked at him beseechingly. “But Chase …”

“Come here Bryn.”

His tone brooked no argument. Bryn hurried to his side.

Chase unfastened her dress and skimmed it off her shoulders letting it fall in a heap at her feet. She stood before him in nothing but a skimpy triangle of blue silk.

Taking her hand in his own large palm he led her to the couch where he sat and pulled her face down across his thighs.

She shivered as his hand came to rest on her scantily clad bottom.

“Why Bryn? Why did you take a chance on losing what we had …what we can have?”

“I was afraid …”

He brought his hand down hard on the seat of her blue panties making her start with a yelp.

“How could you be afraid of me?” Chase asked as his hand continued to fall in a steady rhythm.

“Owwww … I wasn’t afraid of you … it was me! I was afraid of the way you made me feel.”

“So you nearly threw it all away because of a childish fear?”

A sob broke from her throat. “Yes. I don’t know why …it was scarier being apart.”

He shook his head as he tugged her panties down her slim legs and pulled them off over her feet. Her bottom was a soft glowing pink.

She groaned in response when he ran his fingers lightly across the heated area.

“You were very naughty to run and hide instead of facing me with your fears.”

“Yes I know …”

Chase began to pepper her bottom with hard swats once more filling her bottom with a stinging heat as he brought its color from soft pink to a deep crimson.

Bryn cried out as the pain in her posterior grew but she held still for his punishment; knowing the both needed this to start fresh.

He tilted her further over his left knee and caught her legs between his as his hand began to fall even harder and faster.

“I’m sorreee…please…owww…,” Bryn cried, no longer able to hold still for her spanking.

Chase ignored her pleas, determined this would be one spanking she wouldn’t soon forget. His hand began to fall on the tender crease between her bottom and thigh on the left side. Ten swats in the exact same spot left her limp and sobbing over his lap; accepting of his discipline.

“Almost finished,” he told her as he began to give the right side the exact same treatment.
Then with one final slap he flipped her in his arms and kissed her before burying his face in her hair and inhaling her scent.

“Don’t ever leave me again. I love you,” Chase whispered into her hair as she sobbed against him. “It nearly gutted me when you left.”

“I won’t,” she promised fervently. “I love you too.”

Then they were both reaching for the snap to his pants. She caught him in her hands as he sprang free. Chase’s hands cupped her sore bottom lifting her to rest just above his waiting shaft.

She threw her head back and gave a gasping scream as he impaled her, sinking deep. His hands guided her making her ride him hard; the feel of his fingers gripping her tender flesh entwining pain and pleasure exquisitely.

It was a frenzied loving. Fierce and hard as they both fought to make up for what had almost been lost. All too soon they were shuddering together in mutual release. Then Chase scooped her high in his arms and carried her into the bedroom.

He placed Bryn on her hands and knees then came into her again from behind; his thighs slapping against her hot backside with every thrust.

She pressed her chest into the mattress and opened her thighs wider needing him as deep inside her as possible.

He took her hard; setting a punishing rhythm as he brought them both to a screaming release again.

Later she watched him as he folded his clothes neatly on the dresser. She laid on her stomach her chin resting on folded arms, happy to be back where she belonged; happy to be his good girl again.

He smiled at her reflection in the mirror, nearly laughing when she stuck her lip out in a mock pout. The pout combined with the blush still filling her backside made her look very naughty indeed.

She welcomed him with open arms as he came down over her.

“It was your last dance you know,” his deep voice rumbled against her neck bringing a new shiver in its wake.

“My last dance?”

“Last dance, last chance for romance … but I plan to see that this dance lasts for the rest of our lives.”


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