Just for grins!!!

A few years ago a friend of mine who also writes spanking stories was talking to a friend of a more vanilla persuasion and took the rather big step of tellling her she wrote spanking erotica.

Her friends reaction was strange and she didn’t seem to react at all to the word spanking. After much discussion it was discovered there had been a misunderstanding. The friend thought my friend had said she wrote banking erotica.

This was quite a funny misunderstanding to me. Banking erotica, what would that be like? So I wrote a little short banking erotic story for them. I am posting it here for you below. Hope you enjoy it!


Checks and Balances

Audrey was beside herself with excitement. The new bank in town was open for regular business. A new bank meant new bankers; she barely suppressed a shiver of anticipation.

All the grand opening hoopla was now a thing of the past and the field was wide open. It was hunting season and the prey on the menu was the new branch manager. Farley Reynolds, III was new to the area; the hunt was so much sweeter when the prey was unaware of the game.

Dressed in her best pink suit with the small pill box hat, hair flipped out in a curly sweep of shiny blond. Audrey grinned as she pulled on the small white gloves completing her ensemble. The young banker wasn’t going to know what hit him. While the package appeared prim and proper, Audrey’s undergarments would have been at home in any gentleman’s club worth its salt.

A brief touch-up of lipstick and she was walking into the bank, straight back to the manager’s office.
He was a handsome man, taller and more roughly hewn than the bankers she’d hunted before. Audrey studied him from beneath her lashes, while she waited for him to notice her standing in his doorway.

The name Farley conjured up a pale comparison of the Adonis before her; Audrey lifted her chin with determination and pulled her shoulders back as she softly cleared her throat. She was up to the challenge, the fact that he wouldn’t be as easy as all those who’d come before would make the victory all the sweeter.

He looked up with a quirk of one brow, “May I help you, young lady?”

Audrey gave him her sweetest smile, “I was thinking about opening a new account.”

“New accounts are handled in the lobby,” he said with an easy grin. “I’ll take you to Wanda; she’ll get you situated in no time.”

“I was thinking of opening a rather large account with your bank but first will need some reassurance that you’ll be able to handle everything I bring your way.”

Farley blinked. “I assure you Madam; Wanda is capable of meeting all your banking needs.”

“Please, I would much rather have the guidance of a man whose shown his financial bravado by rising so quickly to the challenge of Branch Manager, besides,” she smiled coyly as she sidled up to him – placing a small gloved hand on his bulging bicep, “I really think you’re much more suited to meeting all of my needs than Wanda.”


“Perkins, but please call me Audrey,” smiling again, her bright teeth shining in the perfect bow of her mouth.

Farley cast a rather dubious look down at her but sighed in resignation, “Very well, Ms. Perkins do come in and take a seat.”

“Audrey,” she said demurely as she walked slowly to the chair in front of his desk with a deliberate sway of hips.

“Audrey,” Farley said thoughtfully as he watched fetching movement of the generous curves of her backside. With a suddenly calculating smile of his own, Farley shut and locked the door to his office before following her to his desk. “What kind of account are you interested in?” he asked as he sank lithely into the large leather chair positioned behind the big desk.

She was distracted by the large leather-bound binder on the desk, “Oh my, what a big ledger you have.”

He nearly laughed out loud at her antics, subtle she was not. “Mmmmm…”

“I just find the world of finance fascinating.”

Farley came to a decision, rising from his chair he came around and sat on the edge of his desk in front of her, pulling her to stand before him.

“Ms. Perkins…Audrey I’m sure you’ll agree that occasionally it’s necessary to vet new accounts and make sure the Bank’s standing in the community remains beyond reproach.”

Mesmerized by the intentness in the dark eyes holding her own, Audrey felt her mouth go dry as she nodded in helpless agreement.

It wasn’t until she felt cool air touch her silk and lace covered breasts that she realized he’d completely unbuttoned her suit jacket. The tables had been turned – instead of the hunter, she’d become the prey.

Before she could decide how she felt about that, her skirt was a puddle at her feet and she was being lifted to straddle his legs as his mouth descended capturing one pert nipple through the silk of her bra.

Audrey gasped, involuntarily wrapping her legs around his waist and delighting at the rigid length she felt through his pants against her heated center.

Her hands threaded deeply into his hair as he suckled and teased her nipple into a tight bud of sensation. He laughed at the soft mew of protest when he released her breast to move on to its twin.
Audrey, so used to calling the shots and directing the action, was awash in sensation. She found herself rubbing against him begging for more.

Just as quickly as it began he set her firmly on her feet in front of him, then spun her to face the desk and tipped her forward over the edge. She was more than ready for him to make a deposit in the bank of Audrey but was titillated and shocked when he ripped her silken panties from her bottom and nudged her legs apart with one firm thigh.

Audrey’s bottom arched back against him in a plea of supplication needing everything he had to offer almost desperately. She heard the rasp of his zipper then he was there, thrusting inside with one powerful movement of possession that stole her breath completely.

He filled her to the hilt hands coming around to cup her breasts and tweak at her sensitive nipples and he moved within her. Farley rode her hard and fast with a devastating thoroughness that left her gasping for breath as she begged for more. He was relentless, bringing forth every ounce of sensation he could wring from her writhing body.

Audrey felt her body tense like a tightly wound spring as she climbed higher and higher until suddenly the spring snapped and she soared to the stars and beyond.

Farley continued to drive into her with the precision and concentration one would expect of a banker, wringing one last silent scream from her before taking his own satisfaction and grinding into her one final time.

When he lifted her to stand in front of him again, Audrey’s legs were shaking unsteadily. Farley smiled in satisfaction as he dressed her back in the prim little suit san panties.

Audrey stared up at him bemused; wondering if this was how all her bankers felt after she’d finished with them.

Farley turned her firmly to the door opening it for her and guiding her through, “Think about all the account options we’ve discussed Ms. Perkins and if you decide to open account I think Wanda can accommodate you. Please come again, next time I’ll give you a tour of the vault.”

Before she could blink, Audrey found herself standing alone in the hallway. Her body still quivering from all they’d shared she came to a decision.

She marched straight up to Wanda’s desk. “I need to transfer all of my funds to this bank and open a new account.”

Audrey knew she would never need to bank elsewhere again, this branch could meet all her needs … banking and otherwise.


Hope you’re having a terrific Thursday! Happy Reading!

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