I missed WIP up Wednesday but here is an excerpt from my current WIP

I missed WIP it up Wednesday but here is an excerpt from my current work in progress The Rule of Three


In it Madison has run from Jared, the werewolf who claimed her as his mate. She is confused by her strong feelings for this man and the way her body responds to his. Not surprisingly when Jared show’s up at her apartment he is none to happy with his mate.


Maddie was still shaking when she let herself in her apartment an hour later. What was wrong with her?


Not only had she had sex with a total stranger, her body was still a quivering mass of jelly. Even though she was sore her sex continued to ache and weep for him and instead of the multiple orgasms tamping down her need, Maddie’s arousal seemed to be growing by the minute.


Her clothes felt strange and itchy against her flesh, the glide of her skirt across her bare bottom bringing a shiver of gooseflesh across it.


The raw need thrumming through her body terrified her, it was like her body was no longer her own.


It was his.


“No!” she shouted to the empty room. She was not his! It was just a momentary lapse, Maddie though wrapping her arms around her middle protectively.


She hurriedly stripped suddenly anxious to scrub the scent and evidence of his possession from her body.


Maddie grabbed the sponge and scrubbed across her body quickly, trying to ignore the way it felt gliding across her skin, the feel of the slick soap. She hurried through the task.


She’d just wrapped a towel around herself when someone knocked on her door. Maddie hurried to the door to open it a crack and peek around the edge. She gasped it was Mr. Gentry!


“You dare to open the door dressed like that without knowing who it is?” He growled in outrage putting the flat of his hand against the partially closed door and pushing it open, while herding her backwards. He glanced over his shoulder to nod at Ethan before closing the door behind him.


“Wh..what are you doing here?” Maddie asked nervously, chewing on her bottom lip. As his scent wrapped around her once again her sex clenched tightly sending a shudder through her too sensitive body.


He glared down at her, “You know why I am here. I told you, you belong to me.”


“No! I don’t belong…,” Maddie gasped when he stopped her tirade by grabbing her and jerking her flush against him.


“You know you’re mine as well as I do. Your body weeps for me as we speak. Do you deny this?” he asked her silkily.


Maddie was mortified, she felt her cheeks heat, “It does not!”


A growl of displeasure buffeted her as he stripped the towel from her body, one arm wrapped around her to cradle her against his side while the other hand delved firmly between her thighs slipping a finger into her tender slit. “You are soaking wet mate and your body begs for my possession.” When she started shaking her head to negate his words he captured her chin with his fingers.


Maddie closed her eyes humiliated by the feel of her own wetness on the fingers grasping her face.




“Look at me!” Jared waited until she complied by opening her big green eyes to his gaze before speaking, “I will not allow you to lie to yourself Madison and by the time I am finished with you tonight I can guarantee you will never attempt to lie to me again.”


When she gave a little gasping mewl of helpless desire he cuddled her closer for a minute running a soothing hand down her back, “I know the mating heat runs hot in you, little one and I promise I will ease your need but first we have to deal with your behavior.”

He lifted her in his arms and carried her to the bed in the corner of the room. Jared

tried not to look too much at the dingy walls. When he’d seen the building and the area in which his mate had been living Jared wanted to howl with anger. Only the knowledge that he wouldn’t be leaving her here calmed him.


Jared sat on the edge of the bed with her on his lap, placing a finger beneath her chin to lift her gaze to his once again. “You ran from me.”


Maddie frowned, “We were done. I came home.”


“You knew we were not done.”


She gave a nervous laugh, “I didn’t know anything of the sort.” Maddie closed her eyes as he would allow her to hide from him.


A firm shake made her eyes spring back open. “You will not lie to me! Trust me mate you do not want to make any further trouble for yourself today. You are in enough already.”


“T..trouble?” she asked chewing her lip again in worry.


“You ran from me, left the safety of my building, have attempted to deny me as your mate and have lied to me several times. You do not want to add to my list of grievances.”

Jared said as he stood her between his thighs, she was so short his eyes were even with hers while sitting. He held her firmly in place before him, “What do you have to say for yourself young lady?”


Maddie blinked, “I…um…I’m sorry?”


“No you aren’t,” he said with a smile. “You still don’t understand enough about our relationship, you’re my mate, my other half and you need me as much as I need you. I will love and cherish you but obey me you will.”


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  1. This sounds so friggin’ HOT! I love your books and this one looks to be another great one to add to my list. Please hurry and get it finished, fast. (I did say please)

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