Saturday Spanks

This is an excerpt from my new book The Commander’s Daughter. In this scene Melody was caught riding away from the family’s home on a motorcycle with a strange male. Liam, Melody’s guard catches her and informs her she is his mate. 

“Put me down this instant, Liam!” Melody cried and beat on the hard back beneath her with balled-up fists.

“It would behoove you to stop this foolishness as it will only add to your punishment,” Liam explained calmly as he strode up the street as if walking with a yelling woman across his shoulder was an everyday occurrence.

By the time he carried her back inside the house, Melody was almost hyperventilating with fury. It didn’t help to see Sassy, the generally protective dog, dancing around at Liam’s feet like he was part of their family.

“Bite him, Sassy!” she commanded.

Liam swatted her upturned bottom sharply for the order before setting Melody on her feet beside him in the foyer, “The dog recognizes from my scent that I am your mate so she will not attack me.”

“Stop saying that!” Melody screamed up at him.

Liam sighed and went down on one knee, tugging the still struggling girl over the other one. “You will not leave this house without an escort again. You will wear shoes that cover your feet outside this home and you will under no circumstances ever touch another male you are not related to.”

His hand began to bounce off her jean-clad bottom with loud clapping smacks. Liam ignored the way she tried to wriggle away from his punishing palm as he built a fire in her backside he knew would not be quickly extinguished. He enjoyed watching her wriggling backside move as he delivered her spanking. Her curves bounced delightfully beneath his hand.

“Owww… ohhh… please stop!” Melody wailed as Liam continued to build the heat in her bottom.

Liam continued the same relentless rhythm, covering every inch of her bottom and moving down the top of her thighs. He paid special attention to the sit spot in the tender crease of her bottom, ensuring she would remember this discussion when she sat for the rest of the day.

Melody was sobbing softly when he stood her back on her feet in front of him. “You will now go to your quarters and stay there for the remainder of the day.”

She pulled away from him, wiping her tears away with an angry glare. “I hate you!”

“This will not always be so,” he informed her indulgently, knowing it was not unusual for a woman to react thusly after correction.



25 thoughts on “Saturday Spanks”

  1. Hmm. Methinks there is more to this story than a disappointed mate taking his beloved in hand. He sure don’t talk much like the boys next door. Great snippet, Morganna, and welcome to Saturday Spankings.

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  2. I think she needs to send her dog to obedience school! Actually, joking aside, I think the dog is a great visual, showing Liam as a worthy master. Very well done. And hate takes passion, not passiveness, so it’s a great start!

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